Mediation is a voluntary and non-binding problem resolution process. The process of mediation has the parties involved take time to hear one another’s perspectives and work towards reaching on a mutually accepted outcome for all. The benefits of mediation are far reaching and include; improved communication, co-operation and compromise. Further, a mediation process is affordable, fast and encompasses an all win system for all the parties involved. At Oceanic Mediators we offer both private mediation and court-annexed mediation

Peer to Peer (P to P)

From the inception of time, conflict has always been an integral component of human lives and has largely evolved contemporaneously along with humanity. Every once in a while we get caught up and entangled in complex interpersonal problems. Divorces, separations, asset divisions, severed relationships at workplaces, community, child custody, are classical examples of the emotional turmoil that highly merit the attention and speciality of certified mediation practitioner to maintain the integrity of such relations. Mediators are the gatekeepers of relationship that are interdependent.

Business to Business (B to B)

The business community all too often, find their businesses intertwined in complex or legal circumstances mandating the care of a professional mediator (s). Businesses are called to resolve disputes in line with the law and best practices. A fundamental mark of distinction of an excelling and flourishing business is its ability to resolve a dispute without having the same creep into notoriety or public domain.

Family Mediation

Family mediation is a non-adversarial process of dispute resolution where a neutral third party helps the parties resolve disputes arising out of family law matters. Spousal support, succession affairs, and property distribution are some of the issues that can competently be dispensed with using mediation.

Faith Based Institutions Conflicts

A striking feature of conflicts is that they have no respect for institutions at all. Put another way, faith based institutions have no immunity from conflicts and legal quagmires. Land acquisitions, disputes regarding procurement and disposals of goods, lease agreements and issues that relate to counselling require specialised interventions.

Human – Wildlife Conflicts

Human-wildlife conflict is a complex conundrum that has for the longest time riddled animal care givers and the immediate communities living along animal sanctuaries designated as animal game parks, game reserves and the like. Human-wildlife conflict is an evitable phenomenon that unfolds when there is a close and proximate interaction between wild- animals on the one hand and human beings on the other hand. Injuries, deaths, predation, transmission of diseases are some of the devastating implications. Human beings are often provoked and prompted to retaliate. This is partly, because of the absence of clear-cut recourses and comprehensive compensation policies and frameworks. Mediation an effective mechanism of redress would play handy in sanitizing and improving the relationships between the animal care-givers, Kenya-Wildlife Service and the immediate communities annexed to such game parks and the likes.

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