Auditing Services

Through our partners OM LL.P we do the the following types of audits.

  1. Statutory audits
  2. Internal audits
  3. Legal & Governance audits

Statutory Audits

As per Kenyan Companies Act, every limited corporation must have their financial statements audited by an independent qualified auditor. The financial statements must be reported in accordance with either full IFRS or IFRS for SME. Accordingly, the tax returns filed with the Revenue Authorities must be accompanied by audited accounts. The audit should not have any limitations as to scope.

Internal Audits

These are audits tailored to evaluating your internal control systems and operational models and recommending further improvements necessary to achieve much needed efficiency. These audits are not mandatory and are initiated by the company management team when need arises. The terms of engagement sets up the scope.

Our approach ensures that the company adds value to its processes and strengthens the control environment through highlighting the weaknesses and making a follow up on implementation of the agreed recommendations. This will enhance efficiency in company’s processes and may lead to cost reduction in the long run.

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